Welcome to the SA Crafters info hub. Use the navigation menu to find your way around. Please read the below info about our different server types.

Server Types

We have two different types of Survival servers. Please read more below to help you find which is the right one for you.

Survival Multiplayer

The Amethyst and Diamond server are both Survival servers with added content and features such as teleports, economy system, mineable and stackable spawners, player mall, chest shops, custom enchants, land claiming and much more! There are also many perks you can buy from the vote shop.

Vanilla Survival Multiplayer

The Emerald server is a Vanilla server with land claims and a few basic changes that do not affect the Vanilla type gameplay. The vote shop has mostly cosmetic items and there aren't any game changing perks or features. There is no economy, items are the economy. The main feature of our Vanilla server is land claiming. You can protect your land while still playing a Vanilla type gameplay.

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