Why does water not flow on my claim?

Because the water-flow claim flag is set to false. To enable it, stand on the claim and use the /claimflag command. Change the water-flow flag to true by clicking on it. Water will now flow on your claim.

note: water flow has changed in 1.18.1 this is not a server bug but intentional behaviour.

How do I leave spawn?

To leave spawn, type, and send /wild into chat. You can also use /rtp.

How do I get fly tokens?

Fly tokens can be obtained from crates and from the jobs point shop. Join jobs with the /jobs command and view vote links with the /vote command to vote for crate keys.

How do I delete one of my claims?

Stand on the claim and use the /abandonclaim command.

There is an error? Make sure you are standing on the claim you are trying to delete.

Where is the player mall?

To get to the player mall you can use the /warp mall command. Click here to read more information about the player mall.

How do I get a shop in the mall?

Click here to read information about the mall.

How do I get a coloured nickname?

You need to be Legend rank or VIP+ (or higher) to use colour codes in your nickname. You can also buy access to coloured nicknames from the /voteshop.

To use RGB colours in your nickname, you need to be Mythical rank or VIP++ (or higher) rank. You can create gradient nicknames at rgbmynick.co.za with ease.

Can I become a staff member?

Staff applications will open once vacancies become available. You can apply to become a staff member when the applications have opened and you're atleast 16 years old, We do not accept new staff otherwise. Keep an eye on the #news channel in our Discord for updates regarding this topic.

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