How to vote

While in-game, type and send /vote into chat. Open each link, enter your username into the provided text box on each site and click the vote button.

You will automatically receive vote rewards in-game.

What is voting?

Minecraft servers are listed on Minecraft server index websites, similar to Google. When players search for Minecraft servers they reach these Minecraft server lists.

Voting helps a server get closer the reaching the first page on the server list, this brings in more players and is the best way to support the server.

In return, we will give you rewards for voting and supporting us.

You can vote once on both vote sites per day. This means you will receive 2 votes in-game.

What is required to vote?

All you need to do is go to each vote link and enter your Minecraft username into the text box, and click vote.

The only information required from you is your Minecraft username.

It is quick, easy, supports the server and you get rewards - it's a win for everyone.

What voting gives you

Voting allows you to rank up. Ranking up will reward you with items and tokens which gives you access to more perks from the Vote Shop. To rankup use the /rankup command.

You also receive rewards such as claim blocks, tokens, and items.

Tokens can be used in the vote shop to buy awesome perks and items!

The vote shop

Tokens earned from voting can be used in the vote shop. Use the /voteshop command to open the vote shop menu and browse available items and perks.

Perks on Vanilla are mostly cosmetic to prevent interfering with the Vanilla gameplay.

What is the vote party?

There is a vote counter, when it reaches 30 votes it will award all players whose votes counted towards it. You need to vote at least once to receive vote party rewards. You can only receive vote party rewards once per day.

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