Player Mall

The player mall is a dedicated area for players to set up shops. Shops are set up with chests and allow you easily sell items to other players, even while you are offline. It has never been easier to sell items!

To visit the mall, type and send the following command into chat: /warp mall

How to buy items

  1. Find a chest selling an item that you want to buy.

  2. Left-click the sign on the chest, you will see info about the shop in chat.

  3. Type the number of items you want to buy into chat and press enter.

How to sell items

To sell items you will need to rent a mall shop. You can use chest shops to sell items. Click here to view the chest shop guide.

How to rent a mall shop

Requirements: Trusted Rank or higher

Renting a mall shop costs $10,000 (in-game money) per 30 real-life days. To rent a shop, create a ticket in our Discord server or ask a staff member to assist.

Once you have rented a mall shop, you will be responsible for extending your rental period. This can be done by right-clicking the rental sign outside your shop. The sign will display how many days you have left.


  1. You are only allowed 1 shop.

  2. Multiple players cannot share a shop.

  3. No automated machines/contraptions are allowed in your shop.

  4. You cannot use your shop as a storage vault.

  5. You may only use your shop to sell and buy items. It may not be your base.

  6. Do not build with campfires.

  7. You are not allowed to sell overpriced or underpriced items.


Can I change the shop walls and design?

The outer shop walls cannot be changed. You are welcome to change the inner walls.

Can my friend and I join our shops together?

Unfortunately, we do not allow shops to be joined.

Can I set a home at my shop?

Yes, you are welcome to create a /sethome at your shop.

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