Chest Shops

Create a chest shop

  1. Place down a chest.

  2. Punch the chest with the item you want to sell, you will be promoted in chat to enter the item price.

  3. Enter the item price into chat and press enter. Your shop will be created.

  4. Fill the chest up with the item you are selling. Make sure to keep your shop stocked!

You need to be Regular rank or higher to use chest shops.

Buy from a chest shop

  1. Left-click the sign on the chest shop.

  2. Type the amount you want to buy in chat.

Where to create chest shops

Chest shops can be created anywhere. You can create them in the mall or on your own personal claims in the wild.


Can players buy from my shops while I am offline?

Yes. You will receive the money as soon as you log in.

How do I make my shop buy items instead?

Look at your shop and use the following command: /qs buy

How do I see how much money I have?

Use the /balance command.

When buying items, the money is taken from your balance. Make sure you don't go bankrupt!

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