Getting Started

You have just joined, what do you do?

Type and send /kit starter into chat to receive a starter kit. Your starter kit includes a golden shovel which you use to claim land.

To get out of the spawn area, send /wild into chat and you will be taken to the wild where you can begin your adventure.

Set a home at your new base by sending /sethome into chat. To get back to that home at anytime use /home.

If you have slept in a bed you can also use /home bed to get back to that bed.

You can buy and sell items in the server shop, access the shop by sending /shop into chat.

Receive great rewards and help the server out by voting, send /vote into chat to view the two server vote links. Voting is free and awards both you and the server.

Once you have voted, you can right-click the crates to redeem your rewards. To see your crate keys send /keys into chat. To get to the crates send /warp crates into chat.

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