SA Crafters does not like having to issue punishments to players, however, we will take a firm stance in keeping the server a quality playing environment.

Please make sure you read our server rules, The responsibility falls on the player to familiarize themselves with the rules set out below.

Please note that chat rules apply to public chat, private in-game chat, town chat, factions chat, party chat, the SA Crafters text and voice Discord channels, the website, or any other chat system hosted by SA Crafters.

Account Security

Make sure your account is secure.

  1. User account sharing is not allowed. You are responsible for the security of your account. If another player gains access to your account, you will be responsible for their actions on the server. It is better to keep your account details to yourself. Sharing your account is a high risk!

  2. Alternative accounts are not allowed. You may not play from more than one account at the same time or use multiple accounts to gain extra rewards or enter into competitions or events.

  3. Using third-party MC clients is always a risk. Make sure the client you are using is known and trusted! There are many clients out there that steal your username and password. Using the official Minecraft launcher from Mojang is always the best option.

Be Respectful & Appropriate

Please respect everyone in the community. We like to keep our server a family-friendly environment.

  1. Swearing is not allowed. (includes signs, item names, mob names)

  2. Trolling, harassing, being mean, or attempting to bully players is not allowed.

  3. Flooding the chat with multiple messages is not allowed.

  4. CAPS spamming is not allowed.

  5. Discrimination, homophobic slurs, hate speech, and racism is strictly not allowed and may result in a permanent ban.

  6. Asking players any sort of question that could be considered personal is not allowed.

  7. The discussion of any topics that could be considered sensitive is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to, sex, politics, religion, or drugs.

  8. Offensive/Inappropriate structures and symbols are not allowed.

  9. Do not stalk a player or camp outside their base.

  10. PVP without consent is not allowed. The other player has to agree to PVP, this includes declarations of WAR of any sort, this will be STRICTLY enforced. TP killing is also not allowed.

  11. If a player has asked you to leave their claim, stay at least 100 blocks away from the closest part of their claim.

Advertising and Spam

  1. Posting links and advertising is not allowed.

  2. Self-promotion is not allowed unless you have received the proper permission.

  3. The discussion of other Minecraft servers is not allowed unless using a two-letter or three-letter abbreviation for the server.

Streamers can apply for a streamer role which allows you to post a link to your stream when you are streaming on the server.

Griefing and Looting

  1. Griefing is not allowed, even if the land is not claimed. This is destroying blocks placed by someone else, that does not belong to you, or placing blocks or items in someone's base or area that they are living in.

  2. Looting is not allowed, even if the land is not claimed. This is taking items that do not belong to you, whether from a chest, shulker box, barrel, hopper, death chest, or any storage container.

  3. Do not build near another player's claim without their permission. Stay at least 100 blocks away from other claims.

Hacking, Exploiting, and Cheating

Hacking, using cheats, bugs, or any exploits to gain an advantage is also not allowed. You will be found and banned. We have systems in place to prevent and find hackers and cheaters.

  1. Hacked clients are not allowed.

  2. Using exploits to your advantage is not allowed. (exploits must be reported)

  3. Using a bug to your advantage is not allowed.

  4. Auto-clickers, macros, software, or any system that automatically makes your mouse click whether in a pattern or just randomly is not allowed. Sitting in your lounge with your wireless mouse while watching TV and clicking is also not allowed and is seen as auto-clicking.

  5. Mods or software such as Baritone which automates in-game tasks such as fishing, mining, etc, is not allowed.

  6. Using x-ray or x-ray texture packs is not allowed.

  7. Bypassing the AFK kick is not allowed.

Farm Size limits

Farm size limits apply to all types of farms, auto-farms and mob grinders.

  • Farm size limit is 4 chunks per farm, auto-farm or mob grinder.

  • Inefficiently built Redstone contraptions are not allowed.

  • Vertical stacking of different farms is not alowed.

  • Leave atleast a 2 chunks peremiter between farms.

  • Villager trading halls are limited to 30 per farm.

Entity Limits

Entity limits are put into place to prevent lag and the server from crashing due to an overload of entities.

  • Global Limit: Group of 30 Entities.

  • Mobs from Spawners: Group of 20 Entities.

  • Item Frames: Group of 100.

Entities are mobs, item frames, armor stands, boats, mine carts, etc.

Last rule revision: Jan 28, 2022

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